Craft Your Adventure!


Does the mention of a craft studio visit perk up your ears? Are you someone who would rather experience the outdoors than see it through the windshield? The Mitchell County region of Spruce Pine, Bakersville, Little Switzerland, Loafer's Glory and Penland combines the best of both worlds, with natural and handcrafted beauty!

Vacations and getaways are not what they used to be. The experience is more important to you than the destination, and unforgettable experiences await you here! Lovingly tucked into the breathtaking beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains is a haven for craft and outdoor enthusiasts...a special place where time moves at its own pace and unique experiences beckon you. Visit our Craft Your Adventure tourism site to create your personally handcrafted adventure. Take a look around, then begin crafting your own personal adventure!

Visit the Craft Your Adventure site!